Colouring The Way You Do Business

Our Story

We formed ProKolor® because we passionately believe that coatings provide a superior decorating solution for PVCu construction products.

We have partnered with [Z] BERGER-ZOBEL of Germany to exclusively distribute their renowned ZowoPlast® coatings technology to the UK fenestration market.

ZowoPlast® is uniquely formulated as a single pack, single-coat, polyurethane, water-based coating system specifically for application onto PVCu construction products. It is highly efficient to apply with all recognized spray methods and has built an outstanding reputation of application success all around the world for over 15 years.

We work closely with our UK fenestration customers to help them adopt coatings as their preferred decorating method and to move to a leaner and more responsive operating model that will fulfil all of their customer expectations for colour choice.

We look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate our products and service capabilities and to helping you to grow your business with the enhancing appeal of true colour choice for your customers.

Customer Demand for Colour Choice

We share the vision of many in the industry that customers want an unlimited colour choice when selecting their PVCu windows and doors.

With energy efficiency a standard expectation, appearance and decorative style have become the predominant factors in their purchase decision. The latest PVCu window designs have responded with convincing alternatives to sleek aluminium and traditional timber styles.

But if offered in only a few standard colours, customers wanting true colour choice and convincing appearance are still likely to opt for the originals. But when finished with an integral film of paint, these new window styles can fully match the appearance and appeal of the more expensive originals. Painted PVCu is very hard to distinguish from painted timber or aluminium.

What We Do

ProKolor® is a specialty coatings solutions provider offering professional colour matching, coatings supply and expert related services to the UK PVCu fenestration and building products industry.

We provide a complete product and service solution for all PVCu product manufactures who wish to supply their products in an unlimited choice of colours.

In addition to our core product offer, we support our customers to both implement and operate a true make-to-order business model that offers their customers a fully bespoke colour choice.

We offer our customers truly bespoke solutions, including project support to implement the painting process within their manufacturing operations.

How We Operate

ProKolor® operates as a fully sustainable and environmentally-friendly company that cares as much about how we do things as what we do.

  • We only supply water-based coatings products that have minimal impact on the environment.
  • We put our customers at the heart of our business and do all that we possibly can to support their success.
  • We earn our customers’ trust and act with the highest integrity in all that we do.
  • We operate as a single business team and share the company’s challenges and successes alike.

Our Partners

[Z] BERGER-ZOBEL GmbH of Germany, has been a leading developer and manufacturer of paints and coatings for the fenestration industry for over 50 years. Supplying only water-based coatings, [Z] BERGER-ZOBEL offers market-leading performance that always environmentally focused.

Visit the website here: Berger-Zobel Coating Systems – Join us in color

[Z] BERGER-ZOBEL manufactures their products at their factory in Grunstadt, Germany from the highest quality raw materials. Rigorous application of their DIN EN ISO9001 Quality Management System, ensures perfect results every time.

Zobel are specialists in formulating coating solutions for timber and PVCu fenestration products and have extensive experience in the processing and application of their products in all manufacturing environments; from manual spraying to automated application lines.

ZowoPlast®; the ultimate PVCu Coating System

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