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ProKolor® supplies Europe’s leading, high-performance water-based coating system specifically developed for application onto PVCu building components by [z] BERGER-ZOBEL GmbH of Germany.

The Exceptional Properties of ZowoPlast®

Bonds For Ever
ZowoPlast® creates a permanent bond to the PVCu surface, which eliminates any risk of flaking or peeling

Colour Confidence
ZowoPlast® uses the highest quality pigments that ensure that the colour will stay true for a minimum of 10 years

Guaranteed Performance
ZowoPlast® is guaranteed for 10 years and has a life expectancy over 30 years for total peace of mind over the life cycle of the product

Transforms In One Coat
ZowoPlast® is a true single coat system, that transforms PVCu in a single spray application

Minimal Hazards
ZowoPlast® is a low VOC product with minimal impact on the environment or harmful waste.

Dry in 30 minutes*
ZowoPlast® can be ready for handling and glazing within just 30 mins of application when cured with IR lamps

ZowoPlast® is guaranteed for 10 years and has a life expectancy over 30 years for total peace of mind and performance over the product life of the PVCu window or door.

Bespoke Products

ProKolor® coatings are available in a limitless selection of colour shades and can be matched to any colour palette or range used in the paint industry. Customer can also select from a number of textures and finishes.

  • Silk Gloss or Matt
  • Fine or Coarse Textured
  • Metallic or Metallic Textured

  • Dulux
  • Farrow and Ball
  • Little Green


ZowoPlast® provides a finished wet film in a single coat when applied in the vertical or horizontal plain by any standard spray method; Airless, HVLP or vacuum coater. ProKolor® is ideally suited to all types of spray line installation.

Due to its high film build and flow-out properties ZowoPlast® coatings can also be applied by brush or roller in a single coat to give a more traditional painted finish or for touch-up.

Anti-Heat Technology

In direct sunlight, the temperature difference between white PVCu components and dark coloured components can be as much as 30°C, leading to structural issues and internal heating. ZowoPlast® Anti-Heat technology reduces this heat-gain to just 6°C, removing these issues and maintaining a cool building temperature.

ZowoPlast® Anti-Heat technology is available as an option on all colours and finishes.

Environmental Sustainability

Our product strategy is very simple:

  • Only water-based coatings
  • No heavy metals, isocyanates or chemicals of concern
  • Minimal impact to the environment

The health and safety of the applicator and the impact of any waste on the environment is at the heart of the development of ZowoPlast®

The key environmental advantages of the ZowoPlast® 1K water-based coating system versus solvent-based alternatives are summarized below:

 ZowoPlast® 1K Water-based Coating1K or 2K Solvent-based Coating
Health & SafetyNegligible fumes and no health threat for applicatorsHigh level of VOC fumes create significant health threat for applicators
Applicator MaskBasic particulate half maskFull-face air-respirated mask
Emissions to the Environment

Low VOC’s, no harmful contaminants

No air emissions license required

High VOC levels must be captured and discharged

Air emissions license required

Waste StreamsDisposable through standard general waste streamsSolvent & paint waste streams must be disposed of as hazardous waste
Product lifeProducts remains re-useable for 12 months, even after first use2K products limited to 8 hour pot life; thereafter must be disposed of

Product Testing & Approvals

ProKolor® coatings are fully compliant with all legal requirements and achieve the highest performance standards of any PVCu coating available on the market, as they are certified as a “Superior Performance Coating”, to the American AAMA 615-05 standard, the toughest known test criteria for PVCu coatings anywhere in the world.

The ProKolor® products have been sold globally for the past 15 years and have been proven in extreme climatic zones including the USA, Mexico, the Middle East, Australia and Siberia.

Certified Properties

  • Excellent adhesion
  • High film hardness
  • High scratch hardness
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding colour uniformity and fastness
  • Excellent resistance against weather and household detergents

ZowoPlast® delivers AAMA 615-05 certified performance in all environments, from hot arid to subzero, high moisture conditions

Technical Specifications

All technical data sheets for the following ProKolor products are available.

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ZowoPlast® 2450
Single Layer Coating
(Silk Gloss and Matt)

ZowoPlast® 2490
Single Layer Textured Coating
(Fine and/or Coarse)

ZowoPlast® 1120
Water-based, biodegradable cleaner

ZowoPlast® 2480
Metallic Single Layer Coating

ZowoPlast® 2491
Metallic Single Layer Textured Coating
(Fine and Coarse)

AAMA 615-05 Test Certificate


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