We are passionate about colour and the powerful enhancing effects that it can bring and promote this through our “life framed in colour” message. Colourful decoration schemes add distinction and appeal and PVCu windows & doors painted with ProKolor® can bring exactly the right shade of colour for your customers.

Traditional Wooden Windows

The latest generation of PVCu / PVCu composite windows now very successfully emulate the design features of traditional timber windows at a significant cost saving to the originals. However, when offered in a foiled finish in only a limited range of colours, they are not fully convincing. When painted with ZowoPlast® coatings in the customers’ choice of colour however, these window styles look completely like the traditional timber windows that the customers are seeking.

The combination of a PVCu frame with a factory-painted finish brings the look and appeal of a painted timber window together with the low maintenance and lower cost of a PVCu window; offering a great looking, cost-effective, highly efficient, low-maintenance solution to the demand for a very traditional product.

Contemporary Metal Windows

Contemporary residential house designs in the UK have moved towards a modernist style which tend to feature larger, sleek framed windows, which traditionally would have been made in aluminium with a powder coated finish. However, these window styles are now very successfully emulated with the latest PVCu slim profiles, at a significant cost saving to aluminium.

The finishing touch to make these windows look just like contemporary aluminium is a painted finish in a textured ZowoPlast® coating, whether in metallic or non-metallic finishes. The combination of a PVCu frame with a textured coatings finish matches the visual appearance of a painted aluminium window at a significant cost saving.


Commercial building designs often use striking window designs and colours to enhance the buildings’ appearance. The cost and efficiency advantages of PVCu frames, combined with the bespoke colour and finish choices offered by ProKolor® coatings, provides the architect an attractive choice to add distinction to their commercial building designs.

ZowoPlast®; the ultimate PVCu Coating System

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