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Considerations when Working with Solvent-Based Paints

Solvent-based paints have been the traditional solution for painting PVCu and GRP fenestration products in bespoke colours for many years. However, working with high VOC solvent-based paints requires that key regulatory and operating requirements are observed in terms of product storage, health and safety in the workplace and the correct disposal of all associated waste […]

The Unrivalled Advantages of Water-Based Paint Over Solvent-Based Alternatives

In the ever-evolving realm of paint technology, water-based paints have emerged as the forefront of innovation, surpassing traditional solvent-based counterparts in both performance and environmental impact. Water-based paints have therefore become the default choice for all applications that require superior quality, performance, sustainability, and long-term value. 1. Environmental Stewardship: Reduced VOC Emissions: Water-based paints have […]

ZowoSmart® Product Range: The Ultimate Solution for Maintaining Coated Surfaces

In the competitive world of bespoke coloured doors and windows, maintaining the appearance and longevity of coatings is crucial for the customer. Zobel’s ZowoSmart® product range has been specifically developed to provide customers with the right materials to clean and protect coatings without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives, preserving the integrity of the […]

ProKolor: Product and Process Partners

ProKolor and our technology partners, [Z] BERGER-ZOBEL, always prioritise reliable and individual customer support to the benefit of their customers. Our customer service offer includes sustainable transfer of knowledge, user training and customer workshops as required. Working closely with our customers, we always seek to transfer our product expertise and process knowledge to the benefit […]

Berger-Zobel: Innovative & Rigorous Product Development

Berger-Zobel is renowned both nationally and globally, as a pioneer and a leader in coatings’ product innovation. The company has represented the highest quality standards, specialisation and innovative strength for decades and has been formative in the creation of the specialised industrial coating segment. Berger-Zobel has received regular accolades in recognition of its innovative strengths […]

The Trend Towards Paint Refinishing of PVCu Windows

The replacement fenestration market was for many years a straightforward choice for its customers based on the material from which the window was made. Timber was preferred as the authentic choice with its original detailing, while aluminium emerged as the contemporary alternative with novel design features and low maintenance requirements. PVCu then grew rapidly to […]