ZowoSmart® Product Range: The Ultimate Solution for Maintaining Coated Surfaces

In the competitive world of bespoke coloured doors and windows, maintaining the appearance and longevity of coatings is crucial for the customer. Zobel’s ZowoSmart® product range has been specifically developed to provide customers with the right materials to clean and protect coatings without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives, preserving the integrity of the surface. Not only does it keep surfaces looking fresh, but it ensures their protection for years to come.

The Cleaning Power of ZowoSmart® 5101:

ZowoSmart® Cleaner 5101 from Zobel’s ZowoSmart® product range is an exceptional solution known for its high cleaning capacity. It effectively removes tough grime, making it an ideal pretreatment before applying the ZowoSmart® Protective Emulsion 5102. What sets this cleaning product apart is not just its effectiveness but also its environmentally friendly nature. Being water-based and biodegradable, users can confidently use this cleaner without worrying about any harmful impact on the environment. Additionally, it is completely odourless, ensuring a pleasant cleaning experience without any chemical smells.

The Ultimate Protection with ZowoSmart® Protective Emulsion 5102:

Zobel’s ZowoSmart® Protective Emulsion 5102 is the innovative solution for maintaining the pristine condition of coated surfaces. This product counteracts the natural weathering effects caused by sun, wind, and rain, ensuring that surfaces remain vibrant and protected. Its unique formula refreshes the colour intensity and provides a new shine, offering a fresh, rejuvenated look. Beyond appearance, the emulsion also forms a weather repellent and dirt resistant protective film, safeguarding surfaces from the elements. It can even close hairline cracks caused by hail, further enhancing surface durability.

Versatility and Long-Lasting Results:

Whether you need to care for smaller or larger surfaces, ZowoSmart® Protective Emulsion 5102 is suitable for any size. This streak-free care polish delivers a long-lasting silk gloss finish, ensuring that your coated surfaces retain their appearance for years to come. By following the recommended application of ZoboSmart® Protective Emulsion 5102 twice a year, you can enjoy the benefits of a durable and pristine surface.

The ZowoSmart Cleaning and Caring Set:

For a comprehensive solution to maintain and rejuvenate your Zobel coated surfaces while protecting them from the elements, the ZowoSmart Cleaning and Caring Set is the perfect choice. This set combines the ZowoSmart® Cleaner 5101, the ZowoSmart® Protective Emulsion 5102, and an application sponge, providing all the necessary products and materials for optimal surface care.

When it comes to maintaining the appearance and longevity of coated surfaces, Zobel’s ZowoSmart® product range offers the ultimate solution for your customers. With remarkable cleaning power of ZowoSmart® Cleaner 5101 and the ultimate protection of ZowoSmart® Protective Emulsion 5102, businesses can ensure their surfaces remain vibrant and protected for years to come. Embrace the ZowoSmart® Cleaning and Caring Set to effortlessly maintain and rejuvenate your Zobel coated surfaces while safeguarding them from the elements.

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