Positive Steps in Lowering the Impact of the Painting Process on the Environment

Hitting milestones in the commitment to environmental responsibility and business sustainability is key for any business. We see this in our own market, as the leading PVCu window and door fabricators are increasingly prioritising initiatives to minimize the ecological footprint of their operations and to protect the impact on the health and safety of their staff, as they work towards a more sustainable future.

For those fabricators with in-house paint facilities, one major improvement in the sustainability of their operations is to transition away from solvent-based paints and opt instead for highly sustainable water-based paints.

Environmental Impact Reduction: This strategic decision allows manufacturers using coatings in their process to eliminate the use of a raw material classified as hazardous, with notably high embodied carbon in both its creation and consumption. By making this change, it is possible to reduce the volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions during the painting process by up to an impressive 90%.

Sustainability Enhancement: Beyond environmental benefits, the shift to water-based paints extends to the cleaning process. By removing the need for solvents in both coating and cleaning, it makes a significant contribution to a more sustainable operational framework. Water, the primary cleaning agent, becomes the cornerstone of a cleaner, more environmentally friendly process.

Health and Safety Prioritization: In addition to the positive environmental impact, this transition vastly improves the working conditions in paint operations. The elimination of solvent exposure hazards enhances the health and safety of staff, aligning with commitments to COSHH regulations. Moreover, the choice of a water-based solution diminishes fire hazards in the manufacturing space, creating a safer environment for manufacturing staff.

Technical Advancements: The selection of the ZowoPlast range from Zobel Coatings, leading water-based PVCu paint specialists, and their UK distributors, ProKolor, will not only contribute to the environmental and safety aspects of your process but also elevate the technical performance of the painted finishes offered to customers. This enables the ProKolor customers to produce a painted product that comes with a confident 15-year warranty.

A Win-Win Success: Implementing a positive improvement project like this not only aligns with many companies environmental and safety goals but also brings about a noticeable enhancement in product quality. ProKolor are delighted to offer our customers a win-win solution that not only benefits the planet and their work environment but also adds tangible value to their product offer.

ProKolor® is a specialty coatings company supplying market-leading, water-based coatings and related paint services and expertise to support PVCu window and door fabricators grow by offering their products in an unlimited choice of colours. We work directly with our customers to support them to adopt a true ‘colour on-demand’ operating model that will differentiate them from their competitors and add real value to their businesses; with top line growth, reduced inventory levels and improved profitability.

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