Sustainability Credentials of the ZP 2400 Product Range

Fundamental to our business strategy at Prokolor is a focus on water-based products that deliver clear sustainability benefits to our customers. We don’t however compromise on product performance; indeed, we excel as our products also meet the highest test standards in the industry i.e. AAMA615. We equally ensure our products are always cost effective and efficient to use. Nonetheless, the sustainable nature of our products, which contain a very low hazard risk, are kinder to the environment, highly efficient to use and have a far lower carbon footprint than 1K or 2K solvent-based alternatives, is our top priority.  Our ZP 2400 product range is genuinely the most sustainable choice of paint for your PVC refinishing needs.


ZP 2400 is formulated as a single component (1K) water-based paint finish using sustainable, high-quality ingredients that strictly exclude any materials of concern.  ZP 2400 has been specifically developed for the most efficient application methods and to achieve excellent product utilisation.


By using water as the primary ‘solvent’ component, ZP 2400 paints use the absolute minimum level of carbon-based materials required to achieve the desired performance. Formulated as a high viscosity product with high pigmentation levels, ZP 2400 is designed to deliver true colour finishes in a single coat straight from the can without addition of solvents or catalysts. Part preparation and equipment clean down is equally done with water, again avoiding any related hazardous waste.


The overview of the sustainability benefits of our ZP 2400 series of paints is as below:



  • High solids, single coat 1K water-based paint system
  • “Low VOC” designated product (VOC <8%)
  • Substantially reduced environmental and workplace impacts from VOC emissions

Reduced Hazard

  • No hardening catalyst required i.e. Isocyanate-free
  • Significantly reduced health and safety risks vs solvent-based alternatives
  • Easier and safer clean-up with water used as cleaning ‘solvent’
  • No fire risk from handling, storage or clean-up
  • Significant reduction of hazardous waste and related disposal cost1)

Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • <8% organic solvent content ensuring a minimal use of carbon-based substances
  • Substantially reduced emission levels and waste streams
  • “Anti-Heat” feature minimises heat build-up in buildings; reducing aircon. requirements
  • High paint utilisation; 6m2/Litre in finished topcoat. Multiple coats not required
  • Low waste due 12-month shelf life and no catalyst requirement
  • Excellent productivity from true single coat application


  1. The carbon-based components in ZP 2400, even though < 8%, means that the disposal of any unused paint requires same treatment as hazardous waste
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